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My name is Hitomi Iruzuka :3
Age; 22
Location; Canada
my Pixiv

I simply adore shotacon, though I do also enjoy a bit of lolicon and yaoi.

I'm totally new to the whole webcomic scene, so please welcome me warmly ; ;~!

Current Project;
Nowhere to the crescent moon a.k.a Mikazuki doko ni mo

Began; January 25, 2011
Rating; Adult, R-18, Explicit sexual content, some violence and blood
Warning; SHOTA, yaoi, BL
Update Schedule; Currently Undecided, gomen~! @__@;
Genre; BL, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Status; Still a baby~
Update Schedule; Every Tuesday AND/OR Friday AND/OR Sunday, 1 update being guaranteed with a maximum of 3 in a week.
Assistants|Proofreaders; My dear friend Razumi and my lovely fiance Meimei Scarlet. <3 They review my work before it goes live :3

Chesire, main character of Nowhere to the crescent moon

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Chesire is a Feralin, a demoncat who lives in a realm where demons are biologically mixed with animals. He lives as a shy, popular honor student by day, and a bloodthirsty revenge driven assassin by night. Explicit Shota and boy love ahead~!

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In memory of her.

The dark story of the romance between the last child of the Moon and the daughter of Inari, within the Silence of a world bloodstained by Gods and ruled by an order, the Order of Riversky. Follow the story of Hakka Hatsura in her journey within the "Sphere", the Ahriman, as she seeks for her past and for her future.

When a guardian angel comes to a despondent, middle-school artist, she finds her life to be much more than it seems.

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Xatiav at 6:02PM, Feb. 1, 2011

A bug with my browser that made the first phrase far from being complete... XD I was telling that being patient helped in the quest of Valkyrie Randgris. :3 Hope to see you in Prontera, then!

Xatiav at 3:19PM, Feb. 1, 2011

Yes, I did had a lot of patience, but at least it wasn&#039;t for nothing... I did helped to spend some time! XD A 75x/75x/1x ! ;3; I joined eRO server with my usual nickname. :)

Xatiav at 6:45AM, Jan. 30, 2011

You&#039;re welcome! Hahaha I did test the official server, but I took a year in order to have my Assassin Cross. XD Since then I play on a private server. :3 What&#039;s your server? :3

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