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Episode 605 - Myth of Freedom

Ozoneocean at Oct. 18, 2022, midnight
tags: Creephunter, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Forest Reckoning, Gunwallace, Myth of Freedom, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 605, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting, Woman King

“Freedom” is the catch cry in so much historical fiction but it's usually an anachronistic piece of nationalist fantasy. You fought for your lord, for pay, your honour, your small region, etc, not for “Scotland” (i.e. Bravehert). Even today it's generally propaganda: e.g. The Invasion of Iraq being called “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and Russia's invasion of Ukraine being all about “freeing” the Russian speaking areas from “oppression”. We alter historical stories to fit with contemporary ideas about ourselves and to give us some form of foundation for our prejudices, motivations and identity. Good examples are the Arthurian legends, Gladiator, Braveheart, The Patriot, Robin Hood, The stories about Christopher Columbus, The 300, and The Woman King.

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Episode 604 - Stylised reality

Ozoneocean at Oct. 11, 2022, midnight
tags: AGENCY, Drunk duck, Drunk Duck Awards 2022, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, Pitface, QUACKCAST 604, Stylised reality, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

When creating fiction we always have to stylise experience in many and various ways in order to communicate with the viewer in a way that's meaningful to them because it's usually impossible to simply show them the exact reality of something and expect that same meaning to carry through.

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Episode 603 - Players, Cads, and "fun" boys

Ozoneocean at Oct. 4, 2022, midnight
tags: and, Banes, Blank, boys, Cads, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, fun, Gunwallace, Joanna Ghost Hunter, kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, Players, QUACKCAST 603, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

We are talking about the trope of the Cad, AKA the Player. F***boys are their little scrappydoo kid-brothers, we call them “fun” boys for obvious reasons… It's a fun trope which is often exaggerated for comedic effect but actually comes from a very real thing! There are a lot of famous pop-culture versions though like Barney Stinson, Pepe Le Pew, James Bond, and The Continental.

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Episode 602 - It's my turn now bitches!

Ozoneocean at Sept. 26, 2022, 12:22 a.m.
tags: Banes, Crimson Stars, Dave Skunk Comic, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, It's my turn now bitches!, kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 602, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

What happens when the victim becomes the victor? Most of the time it's like the classic line from The Who “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”, typically revolutions (and elections), that promise change don't really deliver, the new people use it as a chance to get revenge on their enemies, take advantage of things the same as the last guys, and do everything they can to cling to power. The true exceptions are rare and special, i.e. Vaclav Havel and the Velvet revolution.

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Episode 601 - /rant

Ozoneocean at Sept. 20, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Brittany Hyperstyle, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, GOP Nuts, Gunwallace, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 601, /rant, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

If something affects or disturbs you so much that you want to respond to it through a story that you write, that can be a pretty powerful form of inspiration! But it depends on how you handle it. For example, Stephan King's acclaimed novel Misery was inspired by nasty interactions he had with fans after he published a fantasy novel. This story was very well received and even turned into a popular movie. And then there are other ways to handle it…

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Episode 600 - AI is bad at art

Ozoneocean at Sept. 13, 2022, midnight
tags: AI is bad at art, Banes, Brittany Hyperstyle, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, Pitface, QUACKCAST 600, Tantz Aerine, Vast as the Night, Webcomics hosting

here's a lot of buzz about so called AI generated art at the moment using programs like Dall-E, Neural blender, Dream studio lite and so on. People use text prompts, i.e. “flying clockwork fish balloon” and the AI generates “art” based upon that. It usually does this by using actual art and photography created by real people, and visually mixing them to create a new image. Some results are much better than others.

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Episode 599 - Badaptations

Ozoneocean at Sept. 6, 2022, midnight
tags: Badaptations!, Banes, Crimson Stars, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 599, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

Source material is something that we can love and respect, but it's just as often disregarded, degenerated, and denigrated, especially these days where it seems like everything you see is an adaptation or even an adaptation OF an adaptation or worse. I think it's important to go back to the sources so you can see what was truly great about the original to begin with. It can help you see what was lost in the adaptations and to discover new and important meanings and ideas that you never would have guessed at.

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Episode 598 - 2D or not 2D!

Ozoneocean at Aug. 30, 2022, midnight
tags: 2D or not 2D, Banes, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Hawk and Flo Ice Cream, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 598, Scorned, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

What makes a character two dimensional? What makes them three dimensional? Does it matter that they only have two dimensions to them? This was an idea that GeekyGami posed and so we thought we'd explore it in the cast. My own theory is that a character that is purely archetypal, tropeish, or cliche, with everything about them flowing from that archetype, and they never go beyond their archetypal traits- that makes them 2D.

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Episode 597 - Revelations!

Ozoneocean at Aug. 23, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Hawk and Flo, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 597, Revelations!, Tantz Aerine, Them There Hills, Webcomics hosting

Today we're talking about a technique in storytelling that we're calling the “revelation”. Inspired by Banes doing an article on the weird trope in movies of having a character discover newspaper stories about the villain that suddenly reveal the true stakes of the story and kick things into high gear. There are other types of revelation in stories though and they're used in different ways.

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Episode 596 - Leadership!

Ozoneocean at Aug. 16, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Kawaiidaigakusei, Leadership!, Mydan Post Beginnings, Ozoneocean, Pitface, QUACKCAST 596, Tantz Aerine, The Waves Inside, Webcomics hosting

Leaders are not born, they're created… literally in the case of fiction, created by creators of comics, books, movies, and other media! For this Quackcast I was inspired by two things: a video on Leader Characters by the satirical YouTube channel Terrible Writing Advice, and the Disney movie Lightyear, in which the lone wolf classical hero figure learns how to lead.

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Episode 595 - Oversold to the Moon!

Ozoneocean at Aug. 9, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Oversold to the Moon!, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 595, Remedial Magic, Sad W, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

How do you describe your work to sell it to people? Writing blurbs is a real skill! You generally have to avoid doing these four things: Underselling, Overselling, Selling the wrong story, or Revealing too much. It's quite a tricky balance to master. I've been writing feature blurbs for comics here on DD for many years now (about 16), so I've developed a technique but even I haven't mastered it!

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Episode 594 - Grow up! Or don't...

Ozoneocean at Aug. 2, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Kawaiidaigakusei, manchild womanchild, Ozoneocean, Pitface, QUACKCAST 594, Tantz Aerine, The Waves Inside, Webcomics hosting, Zeitgeist B-Side

The Manchild can be a fun character or they can be pathetic. They're a staple of comedies because they're an adult that gets to act immature and childish, without the restraint and responsibilities imposed by adulthood. This can make a great contrast; “The adult man acting like an immature child”, John C Riley and Will Farrel have always done that extremely well, as did Chris Farley back in the 90s. It can be be portrayed as pathetic and sad when the person can't seem to be able grow up or take on any responsibilities. They're often characterised by people with “childish” interests, like the cast of the Big Bang Theory, or with a childlike love of something like sports like Kevin in Kevin can F Himself.

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Episode 593 - Risky Business

Ozoneocean at July 26, 2022, midnight
tags: Banes, Black Parade, Cribal Series, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 593, Risky Business, Webcomics hosting

The risks of online creative success
We live in a wonderful time where you're able to turn your creative passion into a job that can support you just by using freely available online services like YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Patreon, Ebay, Paypal, Etsy, Webtoons etc. You can start with nothing more than your computer or phone and end up with a thriving business based on your passion project. It's not easy, achieving enough success where you can quit your day job still tends to take a lot of work, but once you get there it can be amazing. However, that's not the end of the story unfortunately.

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Episode 592 - Back in MY day!

Ozoneocean at July 19, 2022, midnight
tags: Back in MY day!?, Banes, Book in Hat, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, FrayFall, Gunwallace, Kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, Pitface, QUACKCAST 592, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

History is happening faster now. With the growth of universal high speed communication and cheap world travel, culture and technology move at unprecedented speeds. Because of these factors the rate of change is different to what it was at any time in the past. This is an objective and verifiable truth rather than subjective perception: the current speed and quality of global communication has never been possible before and that has ramifications for how the world changes.

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Episode 591 - Superhero types?

Ozoneocean at July 12, 2022, midnight
tags: Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Goldstar Of Wishes and Miracles, Gunwallace, Ozoneocean, QUACKCAST 591, Shadow Born, Superhero types?, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

The Superhero movie cast last week was popular, I wanted to chat to Tantz about different types of superheroes. We all know that the same kinds of superheroes seem to popup and reoccur in multiple forms all the time, even within the same worlds, i.e god-like superheros like Superman, Captain Marvel, Omni-man, Homelander, or Magical types like Doctor Strange, Zatana etc. It was a fun chat about all the categories and subcategories we could think about!

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