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I am about to begin a university course in Screen Media, as I have been interested in film-making for a long time now.

I have read several webcomics, and eventually that sparked an interest in making one of my own. With the help of my friend Serenity, I first started writing Cinematix as a strip, based on movies, and eventually I moved up to write tokuAsia Noir, based on the tokuAsia forum and it's members.

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Free-spirited Ozabeth Lotus is the newest addition to Dratovell's nobility, but someone such as she cannot be allowed to rule. Assassins follow her everywhere, but Lotus is protected by her loyal bodyguard Tribe and the dashing pirate Malcan Wolf...

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Harleqiun is back, and this time he is fighting for a girl of his own. But how far is the desperate Captain ready to go to stop him?

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

The continuing adventures of a Melbourne based superhero. Because New York was getting a little crowded.

{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, Lt. David Day Became HERO BY NIGHT, protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it, until one day...HE VANISHED. A Platinum Studios comic! Updates Monday-Frid

Follow the adventures of Lancaster the Ghost Detective as he discovers the strange world of the paranormal!

Ultimate X, where what we did was take your normal, everyday letter X, pump him full of drugs and booze, sex him up some and chuck on a fine pimp hat.

Ben Benson was a slacker comic illustrator until one fateful day when the God of the Dead Anubis gave him the power to turn into a zombie at will. Now he's a slacker superhero bringing the villains of the polluted city of St. Fredericks to justice!


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