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Hi! I'm Airi Sora! It's Janpanese even though I'm not from Japan! LOL! I like comics, food, video games (I'm a tomboy!) I have lots of guy and girl friends! One of my friends on here is Spider Boo! Most of my comics will tell about me so read my comics! (Even though I have no idea how to make comic book though! LOL) I live in California! Ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm a little crazy and a tomboy! Wait… I already said that… LOL! I LOVE SSBB, if u know what that means then ROCK ON! I play as Fox, Ike, Link, Sheik, and sometimes Samus! I like pie! I only become friends with ppl I know on online games so if u know me then message me! But u have to tell me how u know me!

I like pie, video games, tv, TDI (TDA now), SSBB, comic books, anime, manga (I can draw anime and manga really well!), jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, beating guys at video games, laughing, having fun, going to my church, beating girls in video games, the song 'All Good Things (come to an end),' and…… um…. well yeah!

Things I hate r girly girls, bad words, skirts, dresses, high heels, being bad at spelling, vinilla, movie stars (I don't hate any ppl I just don't like them a lot), High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Twilight, romance, loosing to a girl, getting Fs on a test (that doesn't happen a lot.), death, someone u love dieing, ppl calling me goth, not being able to play video games, I really hate the song 'Obssession!,' and a lot of other stuff! Oh, and I like giving HUGS! That was weird………

Other websites I like to go on r:,, youtube, and If u want to be my friend on any of these other websites my name on quizilla my name is Ikefanforever and on roblox it's Eevee12344. I know those are weird names but don't forget:

A lot of ppl think I'm goth, weird, funny, crazy, hyper, bad at science, not a lot of ppl know much about me, unpopular (that's ok with me!), lazy, fast, a good jumper, video game lover, pie lover, Twilight hater, hate romance, hate vampires, wants to be a werewolf, good at pokemon, sometimes mean (hey! those ppl were mean first!), annoying, ok singer, crazy dancer, good at drawing, snow lover, sun hater, alien hater (aliens from space.), wants to be an F.B.I or C.I.A angent, wants to be a ninja, wears jeans and sweatshirts everyday, hates girl stuff, likes gum, likes Halo but bad at it (hey! It's a hard game!), quizilla member, roblox member, has 6 girls that r friends and 4 guys that r friends, hates romance (HEY! most ppl take romance for granted!), anime crazy, manga crazy, video game crazy, a REAL big tomboy (I'm the 2 biggest tomboy at our school!), weakness r cute stuff, hates pink, loves blue and black, loves cats, says 'Get used to it!' alot, plays computer a lot, good at Dance Dance Revolution 2, good friend, protective, hates evil, loves to be goofy, lives in California, full name Airi W. Sora, and beat guys and girls at video games!


P.S. If u sign up for quizilla take 'What do I think of u quiz' on my file.

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