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Fenriswulf Books was founded by writer and illustrator Chaz Wood in the summer of 2008, initially as a means of getting his first prose novel, ‘Maranatha’, released to the public. The name Fenriswulf Books was chosen due to Chaz's long-term enthusiasm for Old Norse mythology, derived from the bound wolf-god who will one day break his chains and usher
in the ‘Twilight of the Gods’. The name and graphic imagery was designed to reflect the content of much of his writing and art - dark, yet powerful, and independent.

Since its creation, Fenriswulf now has contributors producing comics, graphic novels, lowbrow art and other unique merchandise.

Our dedicated comics, cartoon and lowbrow art homepage is [url=
http://arfandmo.blogspot.com]right here and features Arf & Mo, Sword of Lochglen, and a lot more!

Dr. Howl (Dr Who parody webcomic)

My personal commercial artist's website is here:


Chaz now also contributes a weekly IT Support/Geeks webcomic at: 2Laugh.com

Comics by Fenriswulf Books

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    ITs All Geek to Me

    18 pages
    March 16, 2016

    Written & drawn by Chaz Wood, 'Geekz' is a regular webcomic set in an email-based IT support helpdesk. Featuring such bizarre characters as: Garth, President of the Outlaw Motorcyclists for God; Tomasz, the most antisocial man on the planet; and Bolivar, a talking parrot who thinks he's a Brooklyn wise guy.

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