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I honestly don't know what I was on when I came up with the name "ForsakenSandwich". Probably the same stuff I was on when I came up with the concept for "Freakish." I don't even like sandwiches all that much..Meh! Shameless plug for my other comic time:

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A comic about a weird bunch of people; the less than sane and quite homicidal Doks, the necromancer Steph, her brother Jak, the zombie Kris, another necromancer, Klick, and one normal kid named Jake. 0% Sanity, 100% Insanity!

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What ensues when a middle aged steer loses his cow and is forced to take in a drunken goat as his barn mate. It's American Beauty meest American Dairy in the heartland.

A vampire Kleptomaniac who can't get enough of holy symbols, a Sock puppet who REALLY hates animals, a bill-board ghost with a peanut fetish and a twig who's only Evil because he signed the paper work. Welcome to the mundane.

Not a spoof of Lord of The Rings, it's about a young boy who can control the minds of pigs and his day to day adventures

The abstract adventures of a Victorian businessman.

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