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Im a grade 11 student, in Sydney, Australia! yup, i sleep on a farm, with my kangaroo buddies~
most of that was true. except the farm. and the kangaroos. But yeah, Australia is a warm sunny place, with nobody to talk to about my obsession with manga and anime… T.T
So now i have my BFF called the Internet. =D

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lucas at 10:52AM, June 11, 2009

heheheeeee well, I only understand Celsius actually, haha (cuz thats what we use in Mexico) So I've never really gotten used to Fahrenheit or watever XP And well to tell you the truth! When I was young I used to really...REALLY HATE! manga and Anime, lolz cuz some of my friends where a little too obsessed with it and it scared me! lol then I moved to Honduras and made new friends who just liked it, but not too obssesivly hohoho, so I started watching Inuyasha little by little and then I GOT OBSSESED WITH IT! hahaahaha Then i moved to USA and now I don't have any friends who really like it, so I just do the stuff on my own with the internet, lolzz But I mostly just read shoujo manga (and Bleach XD) But I don't see lots of Anime (especially not in English, hehee its a little weird with the voices, its actually better in spanish! :D) (Well that was a long story X) ) So what about youuuuuu??

lucas at 2:53AM, June 11, 2009

hahahaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaay! yes! it sNOWS!! Especiall in Utah where I live....IT SNOWS AAAALLL FREAKING YEAR LOOONG!! (except for 3 months in summer, haha) But other than that, USA's pretty neat! (some weird people around, but neat! xD )

lucas at 2:33AM, June 5, 2009

Super thanks for chekin my comic out, hihihi XP So cool you're from AUSTRALIAAAAA!!!!!! nice, I've never been there, not even close, haha. I'm from Mexico,btw, but live in USA. Lol, I dunno why, but I just feel like you're such a funny person!! lol, when I read your stuff, and stuff..and stuff Anyways! let's be friends! :D ok?! ok!

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