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Hey! I'm Kioushan, I guess… That's pronounced Kyu-shen for the record. I guess if you can't really remember that, I'm also known as Bob, which is short for the name Bobert. I'm not really named Bob though. That's just a nickname.
I like cats, crows and wolves. Though I also have a penchant for snakes.
I like the colour red and the shade black.
I like pretty much any kind of music except rap and country western. I guess I prefer orchestral, techno and rock though.
I like noses… I don't know why. I just do. I also have a strange liking to stripped shirts, cheesy television shows and Disney movies.
I have a strange disease which does not permit me to draw masculine men though strangely enough I can't draw females either…
If you look at my "COMICS BY" section, you can see that I own a comic called "I Too Have Seen Dreams".
You can also see that it has 0 pages.
"I Too Have Seen Dreams" is actually a comic I've been working on since Grade five, yet I've not found the courage to ever post any. I would like to reserve the name though, should I ever post any pages.

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Why does the moon travel? Is it chasing the sun? Love, Endurance and death. I want to see the world.
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