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Just your regular shoujo ai fanboy. If you know a good yuri comic that is not in my favorites yet, let me know, please. ;)

You may have read me ranting on how I'm a big time villain. Well, that's true, folks. But you don't wanna know, trust me.

And yes, that's Lelouch Lamperouge on my avatar. I can only dream of someday being just as awesome as him.

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Just an experiment with stick figures. The title is an acronym.

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Yuri/Lesbian comic. You have been warned :P

Feeling like you don't have somewhere you belong? Like no one else could understand you? The typical angsty teenager? Sana's all that. The only exception is that when you're a vampire with tons of responsibilities you're just too damned to care.

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Cross at 6:11PM, Nov. 9, 2010

cough- I may have jumped accounts again -cough

_Pandora_ at 2:22PM, Jan. 15, 2010

No! I will cater to it! >:D

_Pandora_ at 9:49PM, Jan. 10, 2010

Hello you! :D

Cross at 8:12PM, Feb. 6, 2009

*sneek attack!*

Cross at 11:51AM, Dec. 21, 2008

Woot, I comment a lot huh? ah well =P Im glad you asked about the comic actually. I was wondering if everyone was just guessing or wondering. You shall soon find out. Bwhah >;3

Cross at 8:13AM, Dec. 21, 2008

xD indeed I did, though I might go back to the old one. >;3

Cross at 4:03PM, Dec. 17, 2008

yes, I am evil. Bwhahaha >;D

Cross at 12:28PM, Aug. 13, 2008

Psh, Unusual is good! xP

Atelier aqua at 9:24PM, Aug. 2, 2008

YAAAAaaay XD New friend!!!

Cross at 1:16PM, July 17, 2008

*Random pounce!* O_O

eSilva at 10:41PM, July 14, 2008

Coooooool...we're DD buddies! :D

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