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-Hiya folks.-
… I dunno why you two are doing there… sure, lets share.
"Sharing is caring!"
-No dude.. no..-
Anyway, 'bout me/us. Those two *points* are some random people.. in my head.. dunno why or how, but whatever.
-She's got an old guy in here, too.-
"You'd be surprised."
… okay. Letsee, technically… I run the show. Technically.
-You'd be surprised on the reliance at times.-
"And since we're not an answer book, we all brood together…"
-I ought to knuckle you.-
No, bad. No.
Okay, well, you've seen that side. I'm a general artist. I suck in relativity to anything thats not a person. Animals, fairly. Buildings, can't give you a guarrantee.. like.. fantasticals, that'd be something weirdishly fun.
-Weirdishly fun?-
"… (sigh)"
Okay, I like to help. If it comes to drawing… well, theres a snowball effect that comes from it.
All I needa do now is have the verification mail come to my mailbox, and I'll be a-okay, after an idea strikes me like thunder…
"She's trying the dramatic thing again."
Darnit, you ruined it.

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Just your average 'I'm working on it!' type stuff. The symbol wasn't by me, though, its by someone else.

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Rainyday2 at 2:42PM, July 30, 2007

Hi!!! I went to complain in the forum about the verification e-mail thing, and it turned out somebody had already made a thread for that! So there's definitely something wrong with the site.

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