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Howdy Y'all,
I started drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and fell in love with anime. I love to draw comics but, lazy me never gets them done so..
I hope you'll be able to read a complete comic of mee
Hmm anything else?
I love languages sooo much, I wish I'd speak them all so most of the time I'm trying to learn some. I'm learning Japanese at the moment !
Furteher more, I'm a strage kind of person that likes to smile the whole day
I guess that's it; all about me..

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Get Up and Go Fan Comic lol

A simple "chibi" style strip, inspired by life and a very bored wandering mind, about the mundane, the moronic, the silly, the surreal, the cute, the quirky, the geeky and anything that materializes in my head.

What do you get when you cross South Park, Azumanga Daioh, Pokemon, Invader ZIM, and some original characters? Yeah, I don't really know either.

This is a story about a single mother, Kaley, and her daughter, Yun. See Yun as she goes through young life, surrounded by wacky members of her family and friends. Be warned! Her friends and family members include a sex-happy sex-shop owner, a boobs-obsessed little boy, and a ghost from colonial times with an appetite for raw chicken hearts. You have been warned! :3

Shiniji is an inspiring shojo manga artist. His girlfriend is his muse, and she's 4'9. ...he's 6'11.... A uniqure shjo because it's form the guys point of veiw!

This is a comic about, well we don't know yet. Me and Uke switch off every page so yeah. DarkChibiShadow's: Toliki, Aleo and Joey Kohitsuji's characters: Seke and Yuubi

Because my site's ftp is being a jerk. So I am uploading my fan comics of Sonic the Hedgehog series. I hope it's not against the rules here or anything...

The chronicles of Elliot Van Pyro Cazador, a human transformed in vampire by a mysterious Mrs. vampiress. A funny webcomic about vampires, werewolves and zombies!

David has been known to be very grumpy, so has Wasso. Will they ever get along? Or...more?! The sequal to the yaoi WIRES, you do not need to read the first one to have this one make sense! -Nominated for Best Overall Comic of '08 & '09-

!shounen-ai! Zain is your average guy: decent grades, a hot girlfriend, and a job that pays well. Then along comes Colin, a flamboyantly dressed overall nice guy, who just happens to be gay. Thing is, Zain hates gay people. What will become of this?

A story about a werewolf who hangs out with a girl he saved. -Shoujo-


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