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My name is Salvi B. Clearly that is my pen name, but I find it quite fitting for reasons I will choose to keep to myself at the moment.  I have been writing since a child. My parents always said I should be a writer when I grew up. I wrote stories upon stories as a kid. I wrote poetry and songs, I took a bunch of writing courses in high school and college. I am a graduate of Rider University with  Bachelor’s Degree in Communications: Television and Radio, class of 2010. You know what that means don’t you? Yup, I am up to my neck in student loan debt! 2010 the middle child of the economies unwanted and forgotten graduates. Red-headed step children have nothing on us.
In Fall of 2009 I thought differently, I was a confident optimistic Junior in College having the time of my life. I had the girl, I was Vice President of my fraternity and I had an internship with FOX29 in Philadelphia. I had it all. While I was in FOX learning the ways of the sports broadcast team I was mainly watching games and marking down highlights of the games I was watching. Every member of the sports broadcast team took to me and I was having the greatest experience a 20 year-old could have. Sometimes they let me edit for NHL games and they would even get on the air! On top of that I would always help one of the broadcasters write his script after the producers went home and he was saying my words on live TV! It was awesome!  When the internship ended I was a little upset because I loved being around those guys. I loved the fast pace environment of the sports room. One story all ready to go and BOOM! Some athlete or team just did something even better than the story we had and we had to edit footage and bang out a script within 10 minutes! It was exciting it was fun and I absolutely loved the pressure! When the internship ended they all said I would go places with my skills, especially with my writing. I was even pulled to the side by one of the head honchos and he told me as soon as a job opened up over there I was getting the call. How’d that work out for me? Well… it didn’t.
2009 continued and I wound up beginning to get involved in Rider’s TV studio heavily. I was one of the executive producers of the sports program. Also, I was the executive producer of a 47 minutes documentary about independent wrestling. The documentary was called “Independant Life: Warrior’s Story”, you can actually buy it at
2010 came and went. I graduated and I entered the real world. Of course I wasn’t naive so I applied for jobs from 2009 to 2010 while still in school even though I was “guaranteed” my a position over at FOX29. Back-ups my dear reader, always have back-ups. But I was a bit dumb in banking on that internship turning into my full-tim job. Just ask my wife she will tell you over and over how -cough- overly confident I was. Needless to say I started working for her uncle in a warehouse where I became a salesman as well as the Ebay Store Manager.
A few months went by and I left her uncles job for Merrill Lynch for a temp-to-perm job. The job was easy. Answer a phone get the information the person on the other line has, type it in and find what they can’t find on the other end using the same exact program. We were like their checkers.  Ten days before the temp-to-perm contract expires I was told by my supervisor I would be getting hired and they had to run background checks on me. I was hired full-time and home free… Or so I though. Right when I get out of work one night on my way home I was told that my contract had expired and I would be getting let go on friday… it was Wednesday!
So then I sat on unemployment for about 2 months and all I did was apply to jobs and go on interviews and write my first attempt at a comic, Land of the Brave, which was fun and time consuming. Being my first attempt at a comic I really had no idea what I was doing. I just figured it could be that much different than writing a script for a film which I did in various classes in college.
Finally, I got a call from my  wife, then fiance’s mom about a job in a warehouse. The guy hiring was looking for a manager with a degree. There it was my golden opportunity to show what I could do and show my leadership skills. I told her to give this guy my phone number and he sold me on the job and I took it. He said and I quote “Give me 6 months of hard work and I will make you the manager.” My response, “If that is your word and you will make me the manager than I will take the job.” He said, “That’s my word.” And so I started working there… in the warehouse… in Hell. Yes, HELL. It was by far the worst job I have every experienced. Six months came and went and it was now nine months. I bent over backwards for that position and never got it. To me, my readers, I was lied to. And the one thing I hate in life is liars. I could go into detail but it would be giving that place, Hell, extra time in my life it doesn’t deserve. The only good thing about that place was I met a life long friend, a nice good-hearted man named Pedro. I still talk to him to this day and I even spent sometime working as a bartender at the bar he was a manager for at nights. I spent 18 hours a day with that guy and we had a blast making fun of every single person we saw, including each other.
The day the cloud peeked open was the day the sun shined brightly through. My wife’s uncle gave me a call because he heard how miserable I was working in the underworld, Hell… (did I mention how much I hated that place?) and he offered me a job at his new business venture. I took it instantly and guess what? Now I am a manager at his awesome establishment. And though I have a great position in what is going to be an amazing company as soon as we get the ball rolling down hill I still have a hole inside me.
That hole is my craving and addiction to creativity. That my friends is what brings us to here and now. I have longed to become a writer. Through my short adventure of life I realize that I need to be a writer. I have created this site to show off my talents. But I just don’t want to be any writer I want to be a writer in the world of Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Obviously, based on the header of this site I will write for various forms of media when given the opportunity.
The goal of this site is to promote my writing, find artists to collaborate with and promote along with me, and have fun doing it all. Enjoy what you read and tell your friends about this site, help me promote it. Who knows where this will go?

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