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About 6 years ago a 13 year old boy by the name of Michael Jameson began spriting. After about 2 years of spriting he began "Speed Comics", a spriting organization, which went into hiatus for 5 years. Now Speed Comics has returned and is slowly returning to buisness.

How I rate Comics:
5- This rating is given only to flawless, perfect comis, that breath life into my computer. Rarely ever given.

Example(s): Akuma Th, Heroes Inc., Pokemon X, That's My Sonic!

4- A great comic. It has a good plot, and everything fits well together.

Example(s): All PKMN comics made by Kevin Clifford and his friends/aquaintances

3- Nothing too special, just your average run of the mill comic. You've seen it all before, but worth your time.

Example(s): Everyone else PKMN comics, Bob and George

2- Bad. This comic pretty much stinks, and though it may have some good potential, at this point its ****. Automatically given to any comic that goes a month without updating.

Example(s): Sonic Meets Master Chief, Sonic a heroes tail

1- This comic is plain out broken. It's pitiful, just plan dog awful. It a bad comic and should be avoided at all cost.

Example(s): 70% of comics on Drunk Duck and 100% of all Google hosted comics.

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Years ago when Shadow the Hedgehog destroyed the Black Comet, the Black Arms were seemingly defeated. Turns out a meteorite landed on the Arc, and when soldiers investigate, Black Doom is revived. With Mephiles back too, things look grim for Sonic.

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