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Name: Chantal
Age: 18
Gender: Most likely female
Current Hair colour: Brown, Blond.
Location: Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Occupation: Game Development Student, Art tutor, piano teacher.
Piercings: 4 ear, 2 lip, 1 tongue.
Languages: French and English.
Strengths: Drawing, Fighting Games, RPGs, Sarcasm, Music, Computers.
Weaknesses: Distracted easily, Perfectionist, Music.

I'm a huge music freak (that's an understatement). I tend to obsess easily over good music. I listen to just about everything. My main genres are classical, techno and rock.

I tutor a few kids in art. I taught home school art to the mayor's kids for a year. I've taken art through all of high school, can't say I learned much, but it was a fun period to draw and ignor what ever the teacher assigned. Took an art course outside of school, but was only there to basically gush over things with friends there and the teacher. So I'm basically self taught. The most I actually learned from a teacher was the basic frame of a face and how to draw really weird looking pigs. Hoping to improve in college, lol.

My style of dress, since it does reflect in my art, is basically a mix of goth, emo, and victorian, usually. That, or I'm dressing in baggy cloths when I'm gaming with the guys. I usually have 5-10 pounds of chains, sometimes even hanging from my ear and lip ring. I'm rarely seen in colour, or in very feminine clothing. I have a thing for piercings.

I'm a big anime fan. I goto anime conventions and cosplay regularly. I attend on adverage 4 conventions a year, if not more. I have a habit of dressing up with my friends and going out to hang out on a regular day. Hey, what can I say, random groups of cosplayers is fun.

I use to be a major gamer, but cut back a lot the past few years, as my friends attempted to make me all girly and such. They gave up, so I've decended back into the dark relms that is gaming. Slowly building my collection back. I'm usually playing Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Halo, .Hack//, Megaman and Mortal Kombat.

My current projects: Prozac

Current Video Game playing: Tales of Symphonia, King of Fighters 2006

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Teens in an artist based academy deal with mental, emotional and sexual issues of every day life.

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O hai!

flapjack1995 at 11:50AM, July 15, 2008

I'm good! Busy, but good! And you?

flapjack1995 at 11:38AM, July 15, 2008


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