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my username here is Tsukasa112, but another name I go by is “Joeker”, a combianation of my name “Joe” and “Kamen Rider Joker”. My blog is also named after that, with the name “JoekerStraightFlush”…you can check it out here:
As you can see, I have two comics. Let me explain them here:
The first is Kingdom Hearts: Untold Stories, a Comedy/Parody comic that I started way back in October 2008. It was mostly Kingdom Hearts themed/related, but eventually I deviated from that and even tried making some sort of story out of it. This didn't go so well after the first proper story arc it had (Which only lasted like 3 pages or so, mind you.) and because of this I lost my drive to continue it. Not only that, I just couldn't come up with anything funny. The creative process behind this was something like: Get an idea or inspiration, turn that into something that people other then me will find funny, apply it to KHUS somehow. This stopped working after a while, so I thought it time to end it. After a long break it came back with a special oneshot called “Kingdom Hearts: Untold Stories - Starforce” Long name, I know. This was originally supposed to be an entirely new series based off the characters from KHUS. but I had the same problem I had before and couldn't continue it.
There was also a planned, unreleased spinoff to Untold Stories called “Super Kingdom Hearts Untold Stories”, featuring the main cast of KHUS along with AnsemSOD, Axel, Axel(Disgaea) and Piccolo. Only a title image and a pilot chapter were made, which may be uploaded sometime.
Now, fast forward almost year later. After a very long hiatus I think I'm ready to return, hopefully. My new series is called “Revive!”, however the name “Revive” was already taken here and I couldn't use the “!”, so here its name is “Kingdom Hearts Revive”. The name is a parody of a series I've grown to love, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. “Revive!” is a sequel/follow-up to KHUS, however it is set in an alternate contiuity, giving me more creative freedom over it. I also plan for some of the main characters to change from KHUS along with it parodying things other then just Kingdom Hearts. Unlike in KHUS, Instead of trying to make it funny for others, I shall keep it the way the humor was originally intended, meaning a lot of you may not find it funny, and I'm sorry for that.
Well, I hope you all enjoy my comics, I'm not sure how often “Revive!” will be updated or if “Untold Stories” will ever be contiued, but I hope you all can have a laugh reading my comics.

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my First Ever Comic, Its of Kingdom Hearts and its MEANT to be a Comedy -.-

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A different version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories storyline. Random, but still follows a convoluted story. This is an older comic that ran from 2004-2006, which may be continued one day.

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