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Lots to say here, for now I'll keep it brief. I love having fun, plain and simple. I don't care much for profit and I'll straight out avoid a confrontation… Unless it'd be fun. I have fun doing a lot of things the utmost of these being Sports. Yes I charged into battle with my mighty Football Helmet and Rib Pads with the best of them in Highschool, now I'm destined for the Armed Forces. I'm quite the open minded fellow though as I hope my webcomic will one day show. It's for my friends, Biflight, Trektek and the other forumites I've known for a while as well as myself. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I hope to while making it.

*Spartan Battlecry!*

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That title? It's self explanatory, this comic's all about whatever we feel like putting up on the web.
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It's a story about everything, yah complicated right? It places down a theory that connects all stories together and explains how they could all exist and still make sense. It follows a warrior named Klesk, who ensures the balance between 2 great forces

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Crave The Bullet at 10:28PM, Feb. 24, 2008

It's going just fine. Also, I wouldn't have any problems with you quoting Star Wars, Short Circut, or any other bad movie you've seen. You just comment in whatever manner pleases you best.

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