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Why hello there!
I believe you have stumbled on my user lookup, how lovely!
Well, I suppose you want to know a bit about me? Oh,ok then!
My name is not really important but I'm known as either WilL or Bambi and I is English. (-gives thumbs up-)
As you can see, I currently have one 'Comic' going which is really just my RPG charries… haaaa!
I love music; it's lovely. There are many a band I like, consisting of some of the following:
Emilie Autumn, My Chemical Romance, HIM, Bullets and Octane, AFI, The Rasmus, Ruoska, X-Prophets, Beyond All Reason and Incubus. (This is just a rough sketching!)
I also like drawing and art; art and drawing are FUUUUUN!
I play the guitar (I <3 my Guitar teach; but only because of his wonderful insanity!) adn the piano which are lovely instruments.
I also love Vampires; Dracula is a complete dude! (As is Bram Stoker -nods-)
Now - any questions? Suggestions? Accusations? No? Right, then that's all I have to say - look at the pics, leave some comments and have fun!
Love N' Crumpets!
WilL xxx

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Note, I said POSSIBLE! Haaaaaa Anyways, the folowing pictures are just some ones I've drawn at school, during lessons... Yay! Errr... maybe doing a comic strip with them in; dunno though... Haaaaa! Leave nice comments; I'm new to this!
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Ack; Okies, this is basically about stuff that happens to me and my friend Tali. Ok, the stupidly insane stuff! Conversation etc. It's kinda funny... ish...

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iPods will destroy the Earth and eat our babies.

A semi-autobiographical comic about the weird shit that happens to Tasha and Hannah, the creators.

ok this is what would happen to both me and will...enjoy...our tourment lol

three friends; two jerks one lil squirt watch the hilariousosity that ensues as peachs, beans wildfire, and igor thunderstorm get wasted and make asses of themselves

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xanos at 3:49PM, May 15, 2007

one of tali close freinds... I don&#039;t know her too well quite yet but I hope to soon. she seems really cool with an art style that improves every time I look!

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