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I am Zimmian. I cannot draw. I cannot make grand custom sprites. what can I do? kill an army with a piece of thread, and walk away unscathed. why? well, thats a plot thing that you can read about in my comic-like-book, which I may eventually make. untill then, only a certian few know the secrets. ha-ha, your probably excluded!

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A violent, serious comic that tells the tale of Zimmian Zisk. watch from teh moment his life changes to the moment he dies. Rated mature for language, gore, and extreme violence.
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behold the lives of the batshit insane, as well as thir admitedly often deaths. find out what happens when a half dozen mary sue's get together and wage war on eachother! the true story fo Zimmian, a sith, and an arwing! all in sprite form. enjoy or else.

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