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Hi! I'm Crystal Green and I'm the author of the comic The Last. I am known by many names on the internet, mainly Tigermon. Other names I go by are: Tigermon666, Tygermon, Tygermon666, Stargazer666, Atomickitten. My X-Box 360 Gamertag is tigermon and my World of Warcraft names are Toxickitten and tygermon on the proudmoore relm.

I was born in LA and lived there for 11 years of my life (between the being born and age of 11 is all just moving about 10 times and a divorce when I was 4 along with ridicule from school mates so I never got any friends.). Then when my mom met my step dad, they got married and he got a job transfer so we moved up to the northern part of California. We lived up in the mountains where there is tons of trees and we get snow in the winter (which almost every year causes more than one blackout).

I am a 20 year old female and I live with my grandparents, my uncle and aunt. My mother, step-dad, half sister(9), half brother(6) and sister(18) still live in the house up north. They own a three acre farm and have three going on four pastures. We have a vegetable garden my mom grows corn, tomatoes, etc in every summer that is about the size of a football field. We have 4 wonderful horses (mine looks exactly like Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron! XD Go Buddy!!). We have one German Shepard that blocks the TV each time he wanders into the living room (and it's on a stand!! T.T). My little half sister now owns one of my rats sense her hamster passed away. I own 2 rat and my sister owns a rat as well. My little brother owns an alligator lizard I caught for him (We let the lizard go every summer and he comes back to us every winter!! O.O) as well as a rat of his own he named Pirate. My other rat, Cowboy, I had to give another home to sense my grandparents weren't too happy on the idea of rats in their house.

I currently work for a welding company and I am going to college to get certified in as many welding categories as possible to ensure myself the biggest paycheck I can get. I had always loved drawing and art sense I can remember but I've never been encouraged to do so. Recently my life has been hectic and my art is the only peace I have been able to find.

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Greetings readers, my name is Crystal and I am a story writer, here to bring you an adventure filled tale about Dragons. It is the journey of one little Dragon, trying to find her place in the world while learning of her family's past, making lots of friends, fixing a corrupted society and trying to stop a war over two hundred years in the making. This story contains many elements such as romance, mystery, action, war, prophecy, and monarchy. Come join Grey and meet her friends on this wonderful tale of magic on the distant planet known as Oudex.

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