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hey everyone, my name is Joe. Im aspire dream is to do art for a living. I don't really know if im good enought to do it.but my friends are behind me telling me i i'm working with my friend,Jon on our web comic company called,third eye comics Im a big goofy guy who i guess would call a geek or nerd.but i dont mind and no my screen name didn't come from final fantasy 8 it came from a coffee mug my friend gave me from E3 of a sega arcade shooter called gunblade N.Y.

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meet 26 years old Allen Victor Page. a normal boy till one faithful day while flying with his family to tibet for a business vacation. their plane crash in tibet and only Allen was still alive. Allen was raise by the Tibet monks when his training was finally done Master Chi give me the temple's greatest treasure, the magic brush. Allen finally made it to his home town, Hope county finding it now a city of crime. there he ran into his old childhood friend, Rachel Rei Richardson from Japan. they talk for a bit then Allen continue walking to his grandfather's home. he finally made it around midnight and talk to his grandfather about his adventures in tibet. Allen's grandfather offer to let him stay for a few days and nows a place where he can live. a few days allen was walking and saw a crime going on and stop the thief. when the old woman thanks Allen. Allen notice a figurine of his favorite super-hero, HoodMan. that inspire him to become Dark Hood. Allen work late to the night making his outfit he saw his mask that he hang in his wall and put it on now his outfit was done and he stand in the roof of his home looking out in the city.

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