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I love J-rock, but I will fall to my knees for some visual Kei. My all time Fav band will always and for ever been Malice Mizer. {R.I.P. Kami i <3 u} They and X-japan have opened up a new world for me and I just love the fact that I can walk around to he lesser more newer fans to Malice Mizer and say, "Them? Been there done that" xP

And although Kami maybe gone He's always here just for us. {For those who don't know Kami is the drummist who died…simple as that} GacktJob is another one of my favs of Gackt. I'm not to fond of Skin because of "Miyabi" He will always be Miyabi don't try and change your name now punk! CHA CHA was the most prettiest in gacktjob. Him and Masa… some people don't know who Masa is. Look him up! His amazing and I'm not talking about his looks either.

I also love Dir-en-Gray. I shall smite the noob who knows not of that amazing band who <i>says everything and isn't afraid to say anything.</i> {my quote don't steal it xD} When it comes to Dir. I can't get enough of Toshiya and Die. They are like wahhhhhhh. And I can' forget Kyo and Shinya. And shush. I know I'm forgetting one… the K man… I'm just ignoring him right now since I'm not aloud to say his name anymore.

The newest band to my Ipod is Phantasmagoria. What sucks is I live here in America so I get the second hand news. They broke up which makes me pissed. So the next time they have a reunion concert I'm going even if it's in Washington Dc I'll freaking go. This is the kind of band that makes you want to get up dance and do other embarrassing things while your parents are looking @_@ been there… don't wanna go back. But seriously, these guys are great I really like the lead singer Riku. I really think that Kisaki is the cute one =3 I know weird taste in men.

But to put a long story short, I love Japanese music. From time to time I'll listen to some Simple plan or Trick Daddy; but my passion is for the Japanese. Everything they have astounds me and I just want to learn more… without forgetting who I am and where I came from =P.


wHaT sHE liStens to
WEll it ranges you know. On day I might be listening to some POTC instrumentals the next I might feel like rocking it out or slowing it down


From now on I will no longer be drawing BHOTTE. It needs something and my skills aren't giving it justice.

I have my best friend in the whole world who will do it so i don't have too.

Updating will be bi weekly on mondays ^^ Thanks for sticking with me so far it is appreciated.

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Brotherhood of the traveling eyeliner or BHOTTE is about the adventures of three friends who after high school decided they wanted to go on a world tour before they had to mature up and start collage. Join them on to witness the pain laughter and humo

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(Yaoi Comic) The story of Bo Moon and Sean Hunter; learn to let go of your past and embrace the future.

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