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I have been known by many names. The Lord of Confusion, Dread Lord of the Micron, the T-Square Avenger, "that guy that knows the other guy", 'Awesome', but typically just The Badger Grymm or simply… Grymm.

Why am I here? I'm here because my partner CreepKnight ( and I needed a new home for our webcomic ( besides Comic Genesis. For while Comic Genesis was neat… the server instability just wore on our nerves far too much.
Basically all the Voodoo Walrus art? That's me. The writing and lettering? All CreepKnight.

Why are we doing this? Because we love making comics. Also we love taking all the bizarre ideas we come up with and doing something with them to make bout ourselves and others highly amused.

And that, my new friends, is that. Now do your new buddy Grymm a favor: Embrace the Walrus.

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