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I don't know who I am.

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A cheerful Grim Reaper in training and her ultra-depressed assistant collect the souls of the recently deceased and bring them to the afterlife.

Things get a little screwy when you throw aliens into the mix. Michelle White is drawn into their world when an alien crystal attaches to her heart, and learns that maybe these extraterrestrials aren't so alien after all.

Anarchy 2090 is the most popular MMORPG of all time. It draws players in with its realistic graphics and amazeing game play... But what happens when a game becomes so realistic that it becomes reality?

Bridgette's magic unicorn is a fantasy-comedy about a teenage girl who finds that being an heroine in a fairy tale come true isnt all she thought it would be. In fact it's pretty tough.

The Cafe Buzz is a small little coffee shop where a wide variety of customers come and go. Step into the cafe and see stories behind the lives of these customers.

Kellwood- a burgeoning tourist town, where only a few know of the things that hide in the dark. Also Kellwood- a forest deeper than anyone realizes, another world where Faerie and monsters dwell. In between these two worlds, there is a cabin with strange inhabitants...

Guinea pigs from outer space travel to 19th Century Russia!

While rustling through her attic one day, April discovers a box from 2,000 BC that contains a secret that changes her life forever... Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (For now)

When eight mysterious weapons escape from the watchful eye of Bloomstone Academy, Almarina, Uriel, and Steve are drawn into the epic of their lifetime. Soon to be joined by friends(and enemies), they explore the legend that is, and was, Ialus.

What if vampires weren't really the bloodsucking fiends we have always thought them to be? Chiel, the last vampire loses her memory and is trying to find it back while a mysterious organization is after her. UPDATES- Wednesdays

A driven perfectionist and an ambitionless slacker. Love? You'll say it's not going to happen. I'll tell you otherwise. -j u x t a p o s e [a GL comic]-

Annie McCourt's life is turned upside down when the mysterious Eric Frost appears. Warning: full of ooey-gooey shoujo-style teenage romance. Contains vampires, angst, and angsty vampires. UPDATING AGAIN YAY

A short story about witches and critters based on my vivid dreams and favourite music.

Lambs frolic and cause mischief. Not for kids!

A Sci-Fi Dramatic Series

Troublesome, short and all around irritating, who would have expected anything great from a poor delinquent like Krayos Golansey? But could there be something strange about his attitude? Eating habits? Eyes? Things are not as you see them...


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