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Moonlight meanderer
Charby the Vampirate

Gotta Hand It To Her

Gotta Hand It To Her
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Author notes

Gotta Hand It To Her


Sorry for the long wait and shorter page, I injured my hand pretty bad (it's healed over now of course) and had to take a break for the skin to grow back on my palm (and knee). The spot where I tore skin off is still sore but not preventing me from work.

I cut this page in half because stuff in the lower half was giving me grief, so I cut this loose so you'd at least get an update.

My screen resolution though ugh. It's blurry at certain "zoom" states and if you haven't worked with digital art let me tell you the screen lying and adding blur that's not there means you literally cannot see where individual pixels are uncolored/miscolored until you zoom in. If my HDMI worked I'd be able to see that without having to zoom way in. Instead of being blurry this time it was getting pixelated, hard to feel like you're doing a good job on a page when it looks like trash the entire time! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in spite of my issues though, so that's not me trying to self deprecate.

Also my back hurts right now because I keep sitting like a shrimp for hours. >_<

The Rose Sisters can't really tell Zerlocke's magic essence apart from Mye's in a meaningful way because they're not essomancers like our feline shopkeep Perrdinal. It's the difference between a professional wine taster listing off all the "notes" and flavors of a vintage and the casual wine drinker that can only say "tastes just like wine".

Mye and the Rose Sisters seem to be on the same wavelength at least– they like being around her, and so did other Orycalopes. With Zerlocke, it's sort of like this; as I described it previously there is a "warmth" (metaphorically and metaphysically speaking) that Mye gives off that is like a fire, a True warmth. Zerlocke has an extreme magic essence on his own but that warmth feels almost fake. I described it more like an Icy Hot. Maybe like an Altoid. Cold and hot both at the same time, but it's a simulated sensation of heat and cold that isn't the same as fire.
They are not nearly sophisticated enough with their low-key essence detection to identify that this long-haired pretty man is the same long-haired pretty man that took their stick. They're aware of vampires of course, but the Rose Sisters are not SUPER aware of an Elite and their ability to shapeshift to this extreme. Most vampires have basic forms they can take– wolves, bats, cats, insects, birds, rats… they don't have as much range compared to the Elite.

Also I'm sure the more observant readers notice I changed his voice font since he showed up, not just his word balloons as he lays on the charm. ^_^

So they are a little bit suspicious, but they also don't want to question this too much, boy hot, brain mush.


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Moonlight meanderer

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