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NAME: Karon Keeney
AGE: Born 6/17/1988 (so 20)
OCCUPATION: Cashier (ugh) and student
SCHOOL - current: MCC, for an Associates in Fine Arts - Studio Art
SCHOOL - future: Hopefully Mass Art, for a degree in Animation and Illustration
DREAM JOB: doing concept art for video games and movies… or working for Pixar :)
HOBBIES: drawing, reading, writing, you know, the basics

EXTRA: I'm an Air Force Brat, my dad was in the Air Force for… 16 years, so I've lived all over the place. Oklahoma (born, lived for 10 yrs), Germany (1.5 yrs), North Carolina (1 yr) and MA (almost 8 yrs).

Most of my immediate family has Autism Spectrum disorders (older bro is autistic, mom and younger bro have asperger's syndrome).

I love reptiles! and I have a 10 yr old boa constrictor named Diamond…she's my baby ^_^

Check out my art site!

Check out Dark Princess on smackjeeves!

Check out Dark Princess in novel form!

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Kinaru Akuchi has no memory of her past the only connection remaining is the indigo orb hung around her neck. On the eve of her 16 birthday, it glows, transporting her to the home of her birth, where a man tells her of her past: she's a vampire.

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Chris was never really good with her words or her relationships. But when she stumbles upon a cute girl in her trash one night..well, she just became a bit more tongue tied.

The cute lesbian anthology.

Rated bizarre for: monsters, zombies, cannibalism, school girls, unrequited love (with a vengeance), government conspiracy, chocolate bunnies, angels vs. demons, all that with a limb or two to spare.

Award winning slice-of-life comic about life, as seen through one girls eyes as she grows up feeling shy and different to those around her, but gains her confidence from helping those around her find theirs. Contains characters and scenes of an LGBT nature.

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