SS6 71 Sarah's Judgement

skyangel on March 17, 2018

There is a lovely article by Emma Clare on the community blog this week about burn-out among comic makers. It's very timely as well because although we all have our good and bad days, I've found that if I have a nice buffer of 3-4 pages it will pretty much carry me through it as I can rest for a week and then feel drawn back to it again.
Coming close to the end of a chapter has always been the worst time for me which is ironic really as you would think that to be so close to the finishing line would be motivating enough in itself! But personally I feel all the exciting stuff has been done and all that's left is the tidying up of loose ends and a rounding off. The first chapter was the easiest because I pretty much took the drama right up to the final page so that's what I decided to do again when writing the last and final chapter, I've kept some really nice stuff for the last minute which hopefully keeps you guys excited and in turn excites me, because being excited about comics is what motivates me most.
Soooo.. getting back to burn-out, I've decided I do need to take a break because there are a number of pages left to do concerning Sarah's future beyond Carlingford and despite this being the last chapter it seems more sensible to me now to round off six and tidy all this Lucy/Laura stuff up, take a break, and then come back renewed for the final push.

Getting back to this weeks page, I felt it was worth putting Sarah's perspective on the situation down on paper. I don't expect everyone to agree with it of course, this is just how I see it through Sarah's eyes, for the record. Next week Sarah packs to leave Carlingford and Ron makes one final request from her.

Have a nice week ;)