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Well heres the rundown on me and my comic. Let's start from the basics:

Yes, my name is Sabboth, and it's not a nickname.

I live in a humble city-town near Dallas, Texas.

I attend freshman high school and I am 15.

My artwork skills are pretty good (or so I'm told) And I believe so to. Though, I cannot match my brother in the least bit at all… but hey, we have two totally different drawing styles… and he's been drawing for a good 8 years longer than I have… But I am a very, VERY fast learner. >:D.

My favorite crap I like are the following:
Movies that are horribly delightful, Cheesely awesome, and poorly executed on an EPIC scale of funny. Check out the movie UHF.

Video games… basically anything that I find fun, I like it.

TV… If it's not anime shit, then I like it(I'm lookin at you, anything that airs on cartoon network)! Bleach and the movies Akira, Spirited Away, and some other stuff I can't bother to think of are the only exceptions.

My style is a mix between My own and the style of Scott Ramsoomair of He inspired me to start a web comic anyways. You can see most if not all of the similarities in the female co-star of Rating-Pending and VGCats' Aeris. Hey, There's not much you can do with cats in my style of drawing without making it look like shite! I hope to change, if not improve, on the style to avoid getting flamed or possibly sued by Scott…

Some info on my comic Rating-Pending:

This will be my first comic/web comic and even official posting of my art anywhere! I did actually do some stuff on deviant art but I would hardly call that… art. But anyways, Rating-Pending is a parody about, well, whatever the hell I feel like needs a parody! A game, movie, or even a day to day thing like walking, and going to the store. Maybe even abortions!(no not really). My comic has three MAIN characters who you, me, and basically everyone else you would consider furries. Don't know what a furry is? Google that shit. I am the lead… or really my alter ego is, I am not as dumb as he is and he is not based on the real me. He only shares my name and a lot of my likes.Say hello to Sabboth (Suh-Bawth, get it right damnit!)! The second is Sabboth's "Girlfriend" Her name is Divine (Dih-Vih-Nay, pretend there's an accent mark over there) Her nick-name is Devi. Now the third character is Matt(Do I need to spell it out for you?) and he's a skunk. Yeah a skunk. And he's Sabboth's best friend and room-mate. He is based off of my real best friend Matt, cept for the room-mate part… I'm only 15. More characters will make their appearances eventually so just check in once in a while to check em out. Can't wait to hear what you think and I hope you like it!

-Sabboth Ochoa

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You want to click it.I know you want to click it...... DON'T CLICK! These are the stories of three whacha-ma-call'ems. Updated Sporadically until further notice.

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