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I go by the name of Shirker (or call me BX3 if ya got lazy fingers). I'm a 19 year old Black male with nothing to do but draw and surf the web. So yeah, pretty much like a good 40% of America XD.

I was coaxed to come here by a friend named Niblet luv, a very talented artist and pretty cool girl.

Be on the look out for two comics that I plan on posting here. One is called ELEMENTS (ELEMENT here on DD because the "S" was taken) and The Undesireables. I'm also working on 2 other projects that I've yet to actually start (they won't be posted here though).

Whether my comics make ya laugh, cry or feel deeply, deeply disturbed, I hope to entertain. Check out the other places I hang out if you wanna see my chops.

Comics By Shirker

  • Fantasy |
  • 142 pages |
  • last: July 26 2011 |
A story of a man named Takumo Hagura who is forced to face his violent past after a strange girl attacks his house. Updated weekdays.
  • Fantasy |
  • 0 pages |
  • last:  |
A young girl is wrongly accused of a crime, but is cleared soon after. Unfortunately, without a gaurdian to speak of, she'll have to be kept in confinement. Can this young girl's optimism help her survive the jail of The Undesireables?

Comics Assisted By Shirker

  • Fantasy |
  • 17 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
"welcome to the end. Welcome to another chance. Welcome to a different world. Welcome to Endsville"

Comics Recomended By Shirker

A delinquent accidentally kills the Grim Reaper. Teaming up with the Tooth Fairy, Kaye is cursed to experience life as the new Death. He must finish killing the Reaper's victims or turn into the Reaper himself.

Random adventures of three dangerous teens.

What would you do if you suddenly could become an animal? Well Ren is having that problem right now and can't figure out why it's happening! This is the tale of her adventure to discover the answers to what's happening to her

Koji has more on his plate than the average teenager. If taking care of his family and going to school wasn't enough, he's suddenly found out he can stop time.

Well, if you thought you were the last person alive wouldn't you have taken off all your clothes and then run around? I thought so.

16 year old Koku Katsuragi finds a magical ring, transforming her into a Magical bat-girl! but the ring comes with a history, and even as she spreads her new wings, evil forces threaten to destroy her!

Redd Rowzen was cursed with invisibility. As a result he is cut from the real world. When he discovers his power to become normal again, he's the new target of the 'dark hunters' invisibles who are after his life and ability. To live, Redd must master it.

Things are going quite spiffy for Chloe during her first week as a university freshman. She even manages to land a job on the newspaper staff. Then she meets the editor she is supposed to be assisting...

Kick Girl, otherwise known as the villainous harlot "Mystery Babylon" from Revelations, seems intent on keeping the seal to the Pit closed. But can she really overcome the thousand year prophecy and keep Lucifer and his army of demons from breaking free?

A story about a young woman trying to find her way in the world, and the mythological forces that seem to get in her way. A mixture of real life and fictional events. Updates Sundays.

High school shenanigans. Humor. Action. And surprise tests.

Marylin has a fun job, and her job is Death. Follow her as she goes and makes a name for herself, wielding her cruel scissors of Death. Who can stand in the way of this murderous princess of Death?

Following the daily events of a young woman with the mind of a mentally challenged 5 year old and the dream to one day become a "real artist", Vice and Virtue celebrates stupidity in all its shades and shapes.


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