Volume 1 cover page

Katto Lily on Aug. 5, 2007

(( D< Could you BELIEVE the name “forget me not” was taken? DX In any case, the “A” in this title is not really apart of our comic's name. ))

Ladies and gents, vampire and werewolf and witch lovers alike! May I welcome you to the long-awaited, long-planned, long-postponed grand opening of the comic!

Katt and I have both worked quite hard! She, as a matter of fact, has drawn and coloured this page, so hop over and give her your love at http://katt-o.deviantart.com

This is the cover page with Cyan, the blue haired girl, and Savage, the dark haired sex-on-legs laying in a gorgeous field of forget-me-nots. Enjoy, because the next page will be arriving soon enough.

–Lily and Katt