Screams 2

chibii on Oct. 4, 2009

You know how there are certain kinds of drunks? You got the fun drunks, like myself. All we want to do is dance and do crazy stuff. You have the depressing drunks, who just like to wallow in their misery. They are no fun. Then, you've got the unpredictable drunks. Alex is one of these. Violent and crazy.

Alex threw an exacto knife at Cameron. We walked in and it was sticking out of his leg. Have you ever seen something like that?! Ugh, it's… disheartening. I have more stories of crazy drunk Alex, one in particular I'll be sharing next.

Poor Cameron. XD

Ohh! And you see the last panel? My boyfriend is 6'7“. I'm 4'11”. That's what we look like standing next to each other. X3