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Still Burnin'

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Still Burnin'

4bit FPS

***While I don't want to say it, it has come to a point where I have to step away from Achievement Wh0rz for a bit. I need to focus on fatherood 100% for awhile. While both of my daughters are healthy and there is nothing wrong with them thy are oh demanding more and more of my attention. Kids trump comics.

While I could have maybe a haphazard posting schedule for the strip I would hate for the strip to suffer. So is it done and completely over? No! I have stories to tell and others to finish I just don't have the time too. I don't want to venture a guess as to when it might come back because I don't want to miss deadlines or sour hopeful expectations. So this is what hiatus tastes like… yeah it's pretty damn bitter.

Your welcome to be angry or upset, post pictures of dogs pooping on 8 x 10 glossy potos of me and that is fine, get the pain out. When I do get to come back I hope you will come back as well, but I know it might be too long for you to still care what is happening and I can respect that. Life happens and it's a beauiful thing if you don't get bogged down in expectations.

So much to do… ***

Yey! Empire Strikes Back turned 30 a couple days ago! Damn I am feeling a tad old all of a sudden…

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