1 : 7 (Now We Move On To the IMPORTANT Part!)

Kikaru on March 26, 2008

I do that to the people in my class all the time. “333 is just half of 666” They tell me to shut up.

…I wondered very heavily on how to a) handle this transition and b) why the hell I insist on showing charactors in bed. This is the second time I've had a beginning with one little story, then cut to someone waking up. (as far as all you know) But…beds and rooms like that represent the world between reality and fantasy, which is an area I strive for. Also, a lot of my inspirations come from my dreams, INCLUDING the original Aegri Somina (which was called something different way back when) and Dirty Pages. So I owe homage to those hours spent in the semi-awake state in my bed, at the very least.

Plus, I could care less for cliches here. I'm just writing to write, lemme focus on making something of true worth when I finally gain enough experience and skill.