antcomics on Sept. 21, 2011

This is the first of the “Air Jane Shorts”.

First off, if you haven't read the original story, it's here: http://www.drunkduck.com/The_New_True_Story_of_Air_Jane

These are shorter gags that I thought of while working on the “main” story. Obviously the main story is a parody of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. At first I thought of adding these to the main story, but began to think that would make it much too long and drawn out. I do actually have a script I'm trying to follow for the main story so I want to try and stick to that as much as I can.

I get a *lot* of ideas for shorter AJ gags, and am a member of a Jane Eyre enthusiast group over at Facebook called Jane Eyre Philes. So I get lots of ideas from my fellow “Eyreheads” as we call ourselves.

Most of these are parodies of scenes or “what if” kind of deals. Hope you dig.

So here is the first comic. Originally it was completed on February 11, 2011. What a way to kick this off, eh? Lots of bright green bug guts. Hope you're not having guacamole right now for lunch…