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StephODell on Jan. 1, 2008

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Welcome to Akakami. Drawn and written by myself, and toned by the incredible Neilak20, whome I'm tickled pink to have onboard.

Akakami is a story 3 years in the making. I started in high school, designing a comic I could do to make a mark on the art industry. I had made it, origionally, a panel comic of real events that had happened to me (truth is stranger than fiction), using characatures I had made based around myself and my friends. As I grew, so did the cast, and the plot. Eventually, it called to be made into a manga, not just a panel comic, and the modern version was born.

To me, this story is almost done. The drawing of it, however, will undoubtably change the story a little as I go. I don't have a script for this – each page of dialogue is planned out as I draw the page. The art will become better and better as I go, as I too, am still learning the basics – the human form, action poses, angles, and page layout. This is, hopefully, going to be the real test of my abilities.

I hope, as you read the story, you are able to connect with the characters on your own level. As it is, I am telling my own story through them.

Let's hope the rest of Akakami's run goes smoothly. xD

Updates are every Wednesday.