185 Thanks for Reading

edcho7000 on April 3, 2011

I've been drawing Al and Scout for almost four years, and even though the cats continue to do crazy and funny things, this is the end of the Al and Scout comic strip. Next time the cats do something noteworthy, it will have to go undocumented.

As for me I feel like my love of comics is only beginning. This may be the end of Al and Scout, but I still have a lot of projects I'll be working on. In fact one of the main reasons I'm retiring this strip is it will free me up for these other comics.

In July, my friend Lee Cherolis and I will launch a website for a fantasy, adventure comic called Little Guardians. When the time comes I will post a link (on www.alandscout.com) to the site for you all to enjoy. I'll continue to work on “DamCho Jam Comics” (available on Drunk Duck), an ongoing “jam” comic I do with my friend Damian Duffy, and an older comic I'm trying to get off the ground called, “A Ridiculous World of Things.” Also I will find some time to do more “Scented Deodorant” strips (Also available on Drunk Duck) when a good three panel gag inspires me.

As you can see I plan on remaining very active in comics, and even though there will not be any more Al and Scout comics, I will occasionally update the Blarg (at www.alandscout.com) letting you all know what is going on with these many projects. It will be nice to not have a one strip a week schedule to worry about.

Again, thanks to everyone for reading Al and Scout. It was truly a joy to work on, and I appreciate everyone for checking out the strip. Next time you see a cat doing something funny that would make a good comic, why don't you grab a pencil and start drawing. That's what I did.