Chapter 17 page 13

Author notes

Chapter 17 page 13

Artificer Urza

I recently looked at the archives for Anathema. Want to know what I found? Comic pages that previuosly (less than a month ago) were displaying properly, no longer were. Duplicate pages, missing pages, pages showing at the wrong date. I've had enough; between old problems and new and dwindling commentary on the pages, I find that it is simply too much trouble to continue updating and monitoring Anathema at
If you want to continue reading the comic, I have three other sites (and a facebook page) which are better suited and without problems. If you go to inkblazers, you can even help support the comic or you can even buy the books, either from or
Here are all the links you need, I hope you'll continue reading there, because this is the last update on this site.


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