If only I was Justice?..

Nigellashade on June 23, 2009

Dearest DD community, this is Nigellashade.

((Warning long message post)) ^o^;;

I know I had plans in updating this comic this year.. I thought I had a pretty good start in the year.
But so many things has happened.. My sister and I lost our place.
Even though our mother lived near by, and after our dad passed away. Nothing went smoothly for her within 6 month after his passing.
So we got rid of things.. and was forced to move in together in one place.
After everything settled, and got internet.. well not so internet.. The guy gave us *one* choice of connection.
my comp was the main connection to the ourlet, while my sisters, and my mother connection was through d-link wireless..
It didn't work.. the connection canceled out..
wasn't getting email, and couldn't stay long online.
Until my sister fixed it, after she phoned about the problem.
Well.. this person told us, we have another option for our links to be separete through using no wireless through my comp. O.O

Well my sister was swearing afterward the whole time, “why didn't the guy who set up the wireless, says it was our Only option?”
Who knows why…he was a guy who connected the wires.. he didn't really work for the internet service we have an account with.
Okay as that part worked out.. thought other things would be fine.
I know with the recession, things became hard for everyone around the world.
This was one of the reason my sister & I, and our mother pulled our resources together.
And it seemed to be working, but thanks to a certain lie saying our ecomony is doing alright.. (such liars) they hyked up everything.. as if we needed that.
And now our place.. an apartment.. ecause it's build up to code.. How apartments should be build.
The owners here is forcing everyone that's renting these places either to buy or leave.
Everyone under lease here, has begun to move out already.
And what this place is asking for?… for a two bedroom with a small den. Over $300,000

Word to the wise in Canada, especialy in Alberta. The place aren't worth that much, a house worth about $60'000 has gone up to over $200'000.
I know that's crazy and rediculas..But again no law regulations protects us from these people sending us out in the street.
The reason why my sister and I had it rough for a full decade of our health being attacked, was because we were exposed to black mold for many years..
This is what scares me and my sister.. and my mother.
We will be forced into a dive, cause all of the reasonable places is going for condos..
True it has all the things like washer ,dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher.
But what can I say… it doesn't have a view, it doesn't have a large balcony with a hottub.. or this place connected to a swimming pool, or recreational facility.
I guess after moving for many years.. about 13 times in our life time so far and counting.
We're tired of it…more than most of you know.
My mother can't move again… not in her condition.. and my sister did hurt herself the last time we moved this year.
And I had a lot of unrest for a long while. I just don't know what to do.. or know what's yet to come.

As for updates.. I'm sorry I couldn't give any of you a colored update.
I did speed draw pages, and touched them up later on.
But what i wanted to show you, is that I did 3d modeling in the backgrounds.
But because I have to give an update, the backgrounds was converted into a sketch look.. But really it was done with modeled and skinned.
As for the characters, they're drawn by hand.. But because background takes up more time to perfect.
Rather do it in 3d, so I can angle it through camera view and screenshot it.

Take care everyone.. Peace to you all and enjoy the upcoming page agter this one.

BTW: I tried to draw myself as a judge.. in a Fantasy garb like robe.
Yes my hair is that long… I like having my hair long. *Lol*
If only I had a huge judge hammer, to beat some sense in who runs my country.. including my province. Lol

The other update, with be later on.. tonight

*Angelic hugs to you all*