Battle of the Bands Pt. 32

Author notes

Battle of the Bands Pt. 32


The arc is wrapped up, I have been working on this since 2008, it's over. YAYYY!

The Ants are going to have a break now, but they are too near and dear to me to drop altogether however. I will, for the time being, be working on the Compozerz (my other comic, it's also on here) only. I need to just be able to focus on one comic for awhile to keep my sanity.

As you may already know, I am going to rewrite my Air Jane story (Jane Eyre Spoof). It's on here too (the old version) for those of you who don't know what I am talking about. That will be a nice, fresh new project that I can immerse myself in soon, hopefully. Not till I'm good and ready though. I need to coast for a bit. Working on only one comic will be a nice change. The Ants are going to make cameos in AJ by the way. :D So they won't be going away for good!

So, anyhow. Hope you enjoyed this crazy little Ants tale. My apologies to the Real Ants for all the abuse I put you through in these little comics. It's all in good fun! (Good clean fun, whatever that means…)


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