01 - Obligatory 4th Wall Breaking

Rutger on Oct. 6, 2007

So here it is, my attempt at sprite comicing.

First of all, I do not particularly hate sprite comics. Infact, the only one I've actually read is 8-bit theater. I've read a couple of others, but frankly, they sucked.

Another thing that caught my attention, besides the overall sucking of sprites, is that pretty much half of them are about Mega Man in some way or another. And they're not even good, even when it features a storyline set in an alternate universe where Mega Man wasn't even created, (That's right Me-me, I'm talking about you). So it seemed only right to kill the idea of this being one of those Mega Man sprites right off.

In short, I hate Mega Man (or Kirby) sprites, but that doesn't mean I hate sprites in general. In fact, I think this is the best sprite ever. Basically, it'll be Arthur King wandering about the world of this comic, meeting various characters I found sprite-sheets of, like Ryu, Neo, some robot thing, and whatever I come across.

I'll be updating almost every day, if there's time. I'll at leats try to keep up a bi-dayly update. Enjoy. Or not.