Ask Clover Introduction!

NatePyrokai on Sept. 18, 2010

Hello and welcome to my new series, Ask Clover!

While working at my new job I was struck with the idea of creating a comic where Clover gained access to the internet and hilarity ensued. While I thought the idea was cute, I didn't really see it going anywhere.

However! After that idea I had the idea of an interactive comment where my readers can submit questions to Clover and I'll do comics of her answer them! And that's exactly what I'm doing now.

So here's how this works:
Either Leaves a comment below or leave a question on Clover's Formspring account

I'll review any and all questions during the week and pick any number of them do comics on. All questions posted to the Formspring will be answer regardless of whether I ultimately do a comic for the question posed.

And you can ask literally anything you want. Go nuts.

I hope you enjoy this series and I'll be updating it as regularly as I can!