#26 - Back Into the Groove: The Sugar Plums Aren't Dancing Anymore...

Beaums on Jan. 28, 2008

Hey yo yo. Gimme a couple days to catch up with this comic, will ya guys? Sorry about the mess, wasn't my intention for things to go this way, and I'm trying my derndest to get things back in order.

So I tried something new for the January issue of Youthink Magazine. Thought that maybe colouring with pencil crayons would reduce the amount it would usually take me to make a comic, turns out as wrong. And I didn't even get the look I was hoping for with the pencil crayons. As it turns out, my scanner totally ruins the orange pencil crayon colouring, and orange is kind of hard to avoid when it's the main character's primary colour. I mean, I like how the last panel turned out in this comic, but the orange looks terrible, as does the blue and the red (which you'll see soon enough). Oh well, it was a valiant effort. The digital colouring will return in March ('cause I coloured the February comics with pencil crayons too). But you can all read it though, right? That's the most important thing… or so I've heard.

Peace, love, and all that shtuffe,