ANNA 2 Issue 6: Magical Mad Mage Man

Scorchgofer on March 15, 2010

I'll just leave this here…

He's just mad because I didn't tell him that sooner than now. So, yeah. There may or may not ever be a story arc in this comic sometime maybe when hell freezes over. As soon as I get everyone re-introduced, I'll start making those perverted and/or off the wall jokes that made this thing so popular at one time.


Link to Body Bases!
Anybody who wants to join can join! I'm like a crazy stalker, I can keep track of like 50 people at at time.


Tune in this Wednesday to meet another, more evil Black Mage and a Chocolate Elf, as well as another new background location(maybe)!

Oh, and by teh way, ANNA is now on SmackJeeves: