Filler 1

Nerd Fury on Sept. 21, 2009

Ok, I'm making this filler for two reasons…..

The first is to announce that I'm now doing a 100% custom sprite comic on the same schedule as this one. It can be found here:

Since A&S is has some serious plot, I realized that I can't really unleash my insanity to its fullest with this comic. So, I created this new one for pure comedy purposes (besides, with all the stress college has been causing me, it'll probably do me some good to have a completely random comic).

The second thing is to let you all know that I'm unsure right now of how long A&S is going to last. This isn't to say it's necessarily going to end any time soon, but the truth is I don't have too many ideas for the plot at this point so it's hard to say how long I'll be able to keep it up. Anyway, we'll see what happens……

Now, if you haven't already, leave any comments you may have and then go check out Nacho Formula!