BGH#500 Bring On The Bad Guys

theRedDeath on June 23, 2011

What did you expect from a comic called “Bad Guy High”?

This page is really more of an epilogue, projecting the paths these characters and this world will go on into the future. I apologize if anyone here feels this is a kind of “cliffhanger”, because that’s not really the truth of it. The truth is that this is a comic called “Bad Guy High”, it’s always been about the bad guys, and in that story…the bad guys win.

Though there are obviously threads here that hopefully I’ll pick up again in another webcomic, but for now I make no promises. If I ever do another comic, it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Buuuuut the exception to that is Crossoverkill. Which hopefully you’ve been reading. If you notice SuperpowerGirl has taken on a new costume for this final page, thanks to SuperDan’s pep-talk. She wore this costume in the early pages of Crossoverkill. Which should tell you that Crossoverkill takes place AFTER the events of Bad Guy High . If you’re dying to know what happens to the world of Bad Guy High, it might be a good idea to follow Captain Perfect’s adventure against the Doppleganger Gang.

I also want to say that I WILL be putting up a few “afterward” updates on THIS comic site, just to explain a few things and put in some last words. No actual new comic “pages”, but just my explanations and musings; revealing some of the behind the scenes secrets of BGH. So look forward to that, and don’t take BGH out of your bookmarks just yet.

And now for the gooshy stuff….

This is the end of the 7+ year journey I started in my senior year of high school, along with my friend the very REAL Evan. Like many webcomics it began as an in-joke between friends, but went on to have a life of its very own and forge what is more or less a legitimate story. I’m very happy to have done this project for so long, and to have had it as a personal safety rail as I grew into adulthood. Bad Guy High was a practice that allowed me to develop as an artist, a way to express myself creatively, and at times even an outlet to air my more personal issues and cope with some of the harder periods of my young life. To have something like that, something that you made yourself and yet is miraculously appreciated by so many others at the same time is a tremendous gift. As silly as this little webcomic is, I don’t know where or who I’d be today without Bad Guy High.

So to the friends that inspired me, to the family that supported me, and to the fans that stuck by me: I thank you all.

As with every “100th” page, I now more than ever ask that those who don’t usually post in the comments please do, and share your thoughts on Bad Guy High.