The Other

laserlemon on April 14, 2007

This is the first in our other comics entitled Bar Fight Comics. This is one i made myself when I was bored and its about the ancient clash between pirates and ninjas, as u can see, im dressed like goku from Dragon Ball Z, 3 things u should know, 1:I'm not that muscular, i just did it to make myself look good and for the DBZ effect as well, 2:My hair is MUCH longer than that, i just did it so u can see my eyes, and 3: i have alot of acne, i only drew myself like that to make myself look good :P. Also, I put the mini-ninja turtles in it, and you anime fanboys might be like “why isnt naruto in there but theres DBZ, *cut myself*” its because… *cough*… THEY, ARE, NOT, NINJAS! Ninjas wear black and kill in the night and are like anarchists, let me ask u this, ever seen a ninja wearing orange? naruto isnt ninjas, theyre like… martial artists like Dragon Ball Z and all that. enjoy the comic. -Miguel

Written and Drawn by Miguel McKenna