Unfortunate Conquer

Erad on Jan. 26, 2010

So I might be closing this chapter of my comic novel.

I've already spoken with some of my closest BD fans about this.

Making a comic each week for BD is fun and rewarding, but I was having trouble with a couple things:

1) I haven't been playing BD for a little while now (my friends quit and I haven't found the time to get back into it).

2) The requirement to post on time for a game I'm not exactly current with is a little difficult.

3) I'm starting a new job on February 8th and I've been very busy leading up to this point with interviews and preparation, I doubt that once I start the job my time will be any more forgiving.

Hope there's no hard feelings. If I get some time I might pop out a new comic sporadically. I do have several comic idea's still written down in waiting.

Again thanks for the support!

You guys truly rock