Birdmentimes Hero

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Panel 1 (russian):
90 minutes later …
LENNARD: Well, how's it going?
Guard: Dr. Romanovna has been in that hospital room for quite a long time. We're starting to wonder what she's doing in there.
Lennard: Taking medical history, maybe?

Panel 2:
GISELLE (french): Hi … hmm  … Lennard.
LENNARD (russian):: You might want to request a double bed. It's starting to get very cramped in this one …
BELLA (russian):: Ah, actually we feel quite comfortable.

Panel 3 (russian):
KATYA: I guess you didn't expect to see us in bed like this, Lennard!
LENNARD : Actually, I've been watching you through the security camera channel since I got off my charging station… Unfortunately, I have to put an end to your happy threesome, because we are running out of filler sequences to fake the presence of Dr. Semyonovna as an attending physician for the security authorities, despite a learning software.


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