mangaka_serena on Dec. 17, 2006

Senna and her friends long to escape reality. Pulled down by so many mundane occurences and a boring existance. One night, after a particularly bad day Senna awakes to find herself in the world of Vita'Letu.

It isn't much later that her friends; Laine, Ziza, Jirien, and Ziza, join her there. The girls embark on a journey with their guardians; a journey they believe to be the most magical and exciting time of their lives. However, the discover that some fantasy isn't always fun, and even reality can creep into your dreams.

Genre: comedy/drama/romance/action/fantasy

to all the people who enjoyed BoG I thank you. this comic is in no way dead. I fully intend to continue and finish it in the future…the problems are: I have no attention span for the required seriousness of this manga, I don't have the research done for this manga, and three it depresses me sometimes….

so dreamscape is coming in spring 2007, I hope all of you will have a look. dreamscape is something i've been working on debuting a while now…. and it's a very personal work, probably my most personal ^-^ hehe

not sure when BoG will be back ….but it will ^-^ and it will be much more advanced. ^-^

EDIT:: is the url for the new webmanga …dummy me forgot to put it here