Neopolitan (part 2)

Mr Lostman on April 5, 2010

Can't we give ourselves one more chance?

We've finally tackled racial commentary at BMF! We're all grown up now. *confetti* Was the updating on the next day after April Fool's a joke or just a horrible lie? You decide!

The pink guy in the comic is Majin Buu. Apparently he starts his own race in the upcoming Dragon Ball Online. Who knew? (that wiki) Anyways, Dragon Ball really loses its charm in Dragon Ball Z where the animal people are almost non-existant, things like Giran are unheard of, and apparently the World Martial Arts Tournament poeple are completely unfamiliar with ki attacks! That, and the 30 episode stare downs that start on Namek.

Saturday I went with my mother to visit my grandparents at the nursing home for the first time in a few months. The last time I saw my grandfather, he was in a bed in their living room after the stroke. My grandmother was also there since she had her second car accident in six months. She still had some bruises.

In lieu of anything remotely insightful or entertaining here at BMF, here's a Twitter conversation I had with Stickfodder. For the sake of (your) convenience, I posted this in a top down manner whereas on twitter newer posts go on top. I also eliminated all the @Stickfodder's and @MrLostman's each post had. Also, I've added color to our names to make it easier to read.

Stickfodder Oh merciful christ I've been reading Questionable Content for day's now and I still have about a thousand pages to go. But it's so worth it.
MrLostman but questionable content is complete and utter shit
Stickfodder Bite me I'm enjoying it.
MrLostman It's unenjoyable shit. You are just fooling yourself. Like Stockholm Syndrome or something.
Stickfodder And?
MrLostman It has zero redeeming qualities. Read something better.
Stickfodder You know just because you don't like some thing doesn't mean that it's shit.
Stickfodder If it's lasted this long obviously it's doing something right.
MrLostman Full House was on the air for years.
Stickfodder Ok in my defence it's like a soap opera. I just can't stop reading.
MrLostman I can help you through this. Let's do this. Together.
Stickfodder Does it bother you that i'm also listening to Queen while reading it?
MrLostman No, that part's actually fine. Outstanding even.
Stickfodder I like the tiny robot… it reminds me of gir…*snif* I NEED HELP!
MrLostman Pintsize is the stupidest looking robot I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. Fuzzy losing to him made me physically ill.
Stickfodder I just want a sassy little walking talking computer that can cause unknown ammounts on distruction.
MrLostman He has balls for hands and feet connected by sticks (smaller than the balls) to a soup can. It looks worse than Gold Lightan.
Stickfodder z I had no idea what that was so i looked it up… A zippo that becomes a 200 ton 30 meter tall robot? that is kinda retarded.
MrLostman From the Robot Dimension! G.L. does suck so many balls in TvC… Though even the 80's shit still looks better than Pintsize.
Stickfodder Aww come on. Here he's wearing a crappy little samurai outfit.
MrLostman He just looks lazily designed. A lot like the people, who all walk like Egyptians with bad backs and B^U faces.
Stickfodder Dude you're criticizing a comic with actual people and background to a guy who draws stick figure comics… and strugles at that.
MrLostman Just because you are a lesser artist doesn't mean you have to read things by other lesser artists.
MrLostman Aim higher with your new found tastes! Enjoy the fruit and feces filled bounty of the internet!
Stickfodder Oh come on who can beat great lines like…
Stickfodder “Dude I need to borrow some of you knives” “Take back what you said about the weasel first”
MrLostman Yo.
MrLostman Man, SMBC #812 has the creepiest votey ever. (under red circle)
Stickfodder Oh my go I didn't know about that.
Stickfodder Ok I think I'll be spending a while re-reading SMBC in reverse looking at all of those things.
MrLostman We did it! Therapy's over. Give me $50 dollars in hookers or exotic fruits.
Stickfodder I don't know what the hell this is but will this count?
Stickfodder Forgot the link then replyied to myself.
MrLostman This pleases me (for now). If you feel like relapsing …
Stickfodder For dot in this one I can't help but think “someone must have had a real hard on for Terri Schiavo”
MrLostman We call them voteys, son.
Stickfodder No, no. The dot in the diagram… dumbass.
MrLostman As someone who took statistics class (you suck, Munroe), call that a ‘point’.
MrLostman Dumbass. :D
Stickfodder So this is the kind of thing that annoys you? I should remember this.
MrLostman No, I just wanted you to look foolish (because it is so easy) on the internets. (where it counts the most!)
Stickfodder 8===D
Stickfodder I don't need your help to look foolish.
MrLostman Om nom nom nom.
MrLostman Alternatively, what a realistically scaled depiction of your penis.
Stickfodder So you're om nom noming my 8===D? Gay.
Stickfodder You still seen to like it though.
MrLostman Only because I have nothing better to do.
MrLostman Like a woman? /OH SNAP!/
Stickfodder No like a man. I've been shoving warm custard up your but… and occationally on your back.
MrLostman That was a joke about woman and orgasms and all that jazz.

It's true; I can't stand Questionable Content. There's my next comic in there somewhere (not the obvious) before I get back to the Factory. This comic has been brought to you by the fruit and feces filled bounty of the internet! on Tuesday morn.