Role Call

Abt_Nihil on Sept. 27, 2007

Comic starting Oct 7th 2007!

Bombshell will also be featured in the upcoming epic Heroes Unite


x2_gon, Nepath, literacysuks1, Ozmandious: Thanks a lot!
DAJB: Wait until you get to know these ladies better… they wouldn't take each other's place easily ^^ Thanks!
TheMidge28: Exactly my point! Thanks!
ironhand: Thanks a lot!
Spudsy: Thanks for pointing it out! I corrected it…
Fitz: How about a deal? If you introduce me to Susan I'll hunt down McFarlane's run on Spider-Man.
SympleSymon: Thanks!
Moondog: Yay!
trapmasta: Hope you like what you see on dd as well!